Informational Podcasts for New Students

MA & BA Anglistik Mentoring Program

As part of a mentoring program for Anglistik Students at the University, these podcasts were created to offer guidance to new students who are looking for help orienting themselves.

Creating a series of student-oriented podcasts

It’s always a challenge to settle into a new environment. Whether you’re just starting your first semester at university, or you have come to Stuttgart in the course of your studies, there’s a lot of things you need to wrap your head around: That is, finding out about all of the programs and people dedicated to making your university experience as smooth and enriching as possible can be a challenge of its own.

This podcast series was created in summer semester 2022 to alleviate these issues. As an MA & BA Anglistik Mentoring Program supported by the Department of English Literatures and Cultures, and under the organization of Jessica Bundschuh and Lisa Rosenberger, Anglistik students chose an offering that deserves more attention, and interviewed fellow students and an expert on each topic.  The podcasts in this series were created by the following Anglstik students: 

Alkmene Kazantzidou 

Anastasija Schlöffel

Benita Wolff

Celina Lang

Conglei Xu

Daria Ziebart

David Waltert

Essra Hassoun

Franziska Fütterling

Friederike Sieber

Ghazaleh Ghandil

Halid Türker

Hannah Hess

Hannah Maier

Helen Stadlmeier

Julia Gehrig

Juliane Rau

Katharina Drozdov

Leila Mehrabani

Lianne Wagner

Louis Markl

Mareike Link

Marlene Slapnig

Max Oswald

Michèle Wolday

Nadja Hieber

Nina Selin Caliskan

Sohaib Rezaie

Sophia Schleicher

Tabea Klagholz

Tannaz Dookoohaki

Turna Artut

Vanessa Stoisin

Below, you can find a short introduction to the mentoring program and then the whole variety of informational podcasts that the the Anglistik students listed above have produced on various topics surrounding the everyday life of students at the university. These informational podcasts in English have been expressly designed to assist you in taking full advantage of each offer at the university!

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Managing your Studies

Dr. Wägenbaur

Dr. Thomas Wägenbaur is the Study Program Manager – or
– for Anglistik. Although most Anglistik students probably have heard of him, not everyone knows what exactly he does or when to contact him. And even if you already do know all of that, there still are some interesting tidbits about the well-travelled man behind the job title. 


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Dr. Windisch

In this section we hear from the Akademischer Oberrat, Dr. Martin Windisch, who is not only a Senior Lecturer at the Department of English Literatures and Cultures, but also the go-to person for questions about going abroad. 


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Rookie meets Pro

So far, we’ve heard about different people that you can contact with specific questions. Let’s now turn to ‘Rookie meets Pro’, which instead offers a variety of activities and puts you in contact with a mentor from a higher semester for a more individual and unprompted type of guidance.


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Finding Support


Whether you’re going abroad or not, for many students it may be difficult to afford the cost of living and studying in a city like Stuttgart. Let’s hear about the types of scholarships that are available to students and how to apply for them.


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Psychotherapeutic Counseling

Financial assistance isn’t the only type of support you might need during your studies. Especially the pandemic and the resulting isolation might have impacted your mental health, but studying is often a changeful and stressful time in one’s life. Let’s find out how the Psychotherapeutic Counselling service can help you with their offerings.


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Going International

Intercultural Mentoring

The intercultural mentoring program that matches students from abroad who are looking for support with local students who can help. Whether you’re a student from the University of Stuttgart looking to meet and help students from abroad or an international student looking for local connections and help acclimating to German culture, this is the program for you. 


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Language Center

The language center offers a wide array of courses surrounding different languages and their respective cultures. The courses are free of charge to students at the University of Stuttgart, making them ideal for people who are looking to go abroad or those who are just interested in picking up a new language.


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Of course, many students – especially those who devote themselves to the language and culture that is part of the Anglistik course of study – want to experience some time abroad for themselves and not only hear about it from others. The ERASMUS program coordinates and finances semesters abroad. Find out how to apply and where you can go! 


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Recreational Activities

University Sports

Managing and improving your studies might be the majority of topics discussed here, but that’s not the only thing that matters while you’re at university. Keeping up with or finding new hobbies and making friends is important to balance out the pressures of studying. One way to do so is applying to one of the many choices the University Sports Program has to offer.


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University Orchestra

The University Orchestra offers students a more artistic outlet for the stress of studying.  Whether you want to perform or just listen, the University Orchestra and Choir might be what you’re looking for!


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