Digital Humanities


The Digital Humanities education in Stuttgart focusses to equal parts on Computer Science and Natural Language Processing, classical Humanities courses as well as Digital Humanities theory at their intersection. Here you will find information about current courses and project seminars as well as FAQs aimed at students and those that are interested in a DH education.

Studying Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities education in Stuttgart distinguishes itself with a strong focus on project-oriented methods as well as practical applications. While elementary methods are taught in the first semester, students can apply and extend their existing knowledge in the following semesters, choosing extending courses from the catalogue of the Humanities and Computer Science. A special project-oriented seminar sees the students applying their skills in an independent fashion, often with external stakeholders.

You can find more detailed information about admission requirements and enrollment on the dedicated site for the degree (in German). The links below will provide you with information about current extending courses, the project seminars as well as frequently asked questions for students and those interested in the program.

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