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On these pages you will learn everything about the Digital Humanities at the University of Stuttgart: What are Digital Humanities or DH? Which projects are currently being developed and how can I study Digital Humanities?

What is Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities is a new field of research in which issues from the Humanities are dealt with using computer-based methods. Thus, interdisciplinary approaches from the Humanities are combined with those from computer science.

Formalization and quantification, which are used to model objects in the Humanities, play a major role here. However, since these objects - such as texts, historical artifacts or cultural concepts - are characterised by a high degree of individuality and historical uniqueness, formalisation must always be supplemented by qualitative methods.
This results in an interesting interaction of different approaches in the Digital Humanities which can also be reflected on methodically.

Main focus of our department

In our department, we particularly focus on digital text analysis. Techniques such as topic modelling, network analysis or agent-based modelling are used here. The aim is to capture such different concepts as the narratological design of space in narratives or the dynamics of knowledge constructions. Another focus of the department is the creation of digital editions and online platforms.

In Stuttgart, we are able to work closely with the Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS) and the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS) as well as other disciplines from the Humanities and Computer Science, e.g. the BMBF-funded Center for Reflected Text Analytics (CRETA) or the Stuttgart Research Centre for Text Studies (SRCTS). You can find an overview of the entire university research focus of Digital Humanities at the University of Stuttgart here.

Master's degree in Digital Humanities

Since the winter semester 2015/16, students can also study Digital Humanities in their own Master's programme at the University of Stuttgart. Students of the Humanities acquire computer skills and learn how to combine these with questions from humanities.

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