Romance Literature and Linguistics

Romance Literature and Linguistics in Stuttgart combines the two closest Romance languages and cultures - French and Italian, and offers a wide spectrum of study opportunities.

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The core areas of research in the Department of Gallo-Roman Studies are the literature and culture of the early modern period, especially its theatre (Corneille, Molière, Racine) and the depiction of magic. Teaching benefits from research impulses and, at the same time, presents the diversity of French literature and cultures over the centuries. Practical language exercises, seminars on regional studies and excursions are also part of the portfolio of the teachers in the department and are offered in the various Bachelor's and Master's programmes.

Italian Studies focuses on the scientific research of the language, literature and culture of Italy (but also of all areas in which Italian is spoken). Linguistics is concerned with human language in general, its regularities and mechanisms, but especially with the history, structure, functions and variants of the contemporary Italian language. Literary Studies deals with historical and theoretical aspects of literature written in the Italian language from the Middle Ages to the present as well as with questions about literary aesthetics and communication theory. The focus is on the reading and analysis of literary texts from all periods. The study of the different theories and methods of literary studies is another part of the subject. In addition, internal text structures are of interest, e.g. the characteristics of literary genres or the rhetorical means used to achieve certain effects. Historical and contemporary, cultural, political and social phenomena are dealt with in regional studies with a special focus on the period since the foundation of the state in 1861. Native speakers and lecturers offer the opportunity to gain insight into the specific conditions and developments in Italy. Practical language training is of particular importance: Grammar and conversation courses are offered as well as translation and phonetic exercises. Language skills such as correct pronunciation, intonation, correct use of language, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, debating in the foreign language are practiced here as well as translation and discussion of regional and literary texts.


Detailed information about corrent courses can be found on C@mpus.

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Detailed information about corrent courses can be found on C@mpus.

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