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Our Teaching

The Department of American Literature and Culture at the University of Stuttgart offers a wealth of courses, which are an integral part of the study of English language and culture. In addition to overview courses of North American literature, University of Stuttgart’s American Studies department is also anchored to cultural studies. Our diverse study program is concerned primarily with problems raised by interdisciplinary cultural studies, especially in the subjects of Early American Studies, Transnational American Studies, 19th Century Media Studies and Visual Cultures. Additionally, the University of Stuttgart has one of the few American Studies departments in Germany that is dedicated to having a strong working relationship with Digital Humanities. The study program will continue to be enriched by additional courses in this area, which allows for the curriculum to cover a comprehensive examination of North American literature and culture. The focus of our teaching is to familiarize students with the diverse aspects that make up the United States of America and support the learning process of the students.

Our Degree Program


Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts

The Department of American Literature and Culture offers a wealth of courses within the framework of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in English. Students receive comprehensive insight into important aspects of North American literature and culture, from the colonial beginnings to the present. Thematically, the spectrum of our teaching ranges from the analysis of classic American literature, like works by Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway or Toni Morrison, to the use of central literary and cultural theories and the scientific investigation of interdisciplinary questions. As part of the Master’s program in English, it is possible for the students to specialize in American Studies and to adopt Interculturality and Intermediality as areas of focus. The Department of American Literature and Culture also offers assistance, of course, for students writing bachelor and masters theses, as well as the possibility of earning a doctorate.

Teaching Degree

Bachelor of Arts, Master of Education

As part of the teaching degree program in English, the students can attend all the various courses offered by the Department of American Literature and Culture. In addition to learning the basics of what is required for best classroom teaching practices, the students also have the chance to do early testing of didactic problems in teaching scenarios. In the teaching degree for secondary schools (Gymnasium), the students study two major subjects, which are complemented by an accompanying minor in education.

Digital Humanities

Master of Arts

The Stuttgart Master’s program for Digital Humanities is an interdisciplinary program that combines classic humanities teaching and research with quantitative methods and the use of technical knowledge in the areas of programming, statistics, and visualization. The Department of American Literature and Culture supports this degree program through importable and exportable courses and modules in the fields of humanities and information technology. More information about the MA in Digital Humanities can be found here.

Study Program Manager Anglistics/English

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Thomas Wägenbaur


Study Programme Manager Anglistics/English

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