Working Materials

Here you can find working materials for your studies.

During your studies, you will frequently have to give a presentation on a specific topic or write a paper. Your lecturers will require independent preparation of the topic, including the identification of relevant (secondary) literature. Since you will not have much time to prepare your presentations, you should be able to find relevant literature as quickly as possible. The libraries offer various introductions, which we can highly recommend:

Claudius Sittig's Arbeitstechniken Germanistik (Working Techniques in German Studies), which you can find in each of the libraries mentioned above, offers an initial orientation.

Every subject has its own standards and procedures. Therefore, please read the respective notes carefully, follow the formal guidelines and contact your respective lecturer if you have any questions.

Hinweise zum Abfassen einer Hausarbeit – Mediävistik (Information on preparing a paper - Medieval Studies)

Hinweise zum Abfassen einer Hausarbeit – NDL (Information on preparing a paper - NDL)

To provide the most transparent grading of your work, we use the universal Bewertungskriterien (grading criteria) (PDF link). Take a look at it and consider how you would grade your work. The following grading schemes are used to correct your work:

Bewertungsschema der Mediävistik (grading criteria for Medieval Studies)

Bewertungsschema der NDL (grading criteria for NDL)


The Leseliste (reading list) should serve you as an orientation. We recommend that you read the texts listed during your studies.
The Metrik-Papier provides an introduction to the analysis and determination of verse.
With the Rhetorik-Papier we provide you with a compilation of important rhetorical figures and tropics.

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