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Funding: DFG, Duration 36 months

As a result of the DFG's long-term project, the entire Minnesang in a freely available in an electronic edition. In the first funding phase 2017-2019, the texts of Carls von Kraus’ Liederdichtern' will be rewritten. The insight that the variance in written records must be taken seriously is to be consistently transferred into editorial practice. Only an electronic edition makes it possible to prepare the texts in all states of transmission. In this way, each user can be given the versions or synopses he or she needs. In addition, "Poetry of the High Middle Ages" does not offer the texts in an edited and scientifically commented form, but also in handwritten form as digital copies and as transcriptions.

Staff in Stuttgart:

Dr. Stephanie Seidl (academic collaborator)
Carmen Jung (student assistant)
Lisa Kasprik (student assistant)

The project analyses selected Middle High German novels narratologically and also makes use of computer-assisted methods. The central question is to what extent complex narrative texts (such as Wolframs von Eschenbach's "Parzival”) ‘function’ differently or are told in a different way to ‘simple’ novels (such as Hartmann von Aue’s "Iwein"). The categories figure, space, time and action will be used to establish which forms of complexity exist at the level of histoire and which presentation strategies are used to implement them at the level of discourses. The project is located at the Centre for Reflected Text Analytics (CRETA). As a first step, methods for the automatic recognition of entities are developed with the help of which the figure relations and figure constellations are taken into account so that part of the analysis is data-based.

Funding: BMBF, duration: 1st of January 2016 - 31st of Decembre 2018 (36 months)

Academic staff in Stuttgart:

Nora Echelmeyer (academic collaborator)
Alina Palesch (student assistant)

Funding: DFG, duration: 24 Monate

The Corpora of Frederick the Servant, Duke Henry of Wroclaw, Leuthold von Seven, Regenbogens, Reinmar von Brennenberg, Rubins, Ulrich von Liechtenstein, Walther von Mezze and Wild Alexander are edited electronically. The project sees itself as a pilot project that tests how a contemporary edition of 12th and 13th century poetry might look that, on the one hand, remains close to tradition, and, on the other, meets the needs of different users.

Academic Staff in Stuttgart:

Dr. des. Sophie Marshall (Academic Collaborator)
Anja Braun (student assistant)

Digital Editions

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