Prizes for Students

Here you can find an overview of students whose work was awarded with various prizes.

The departments of Modern German Literature I and II and of Medieval Studies each offer three prizes for the best thesis in a course of study. After a committee has selected the best student in all three areas, the awards ceremony will take place at the beginning of February of the following year on the Master's Award Day. Besides the honour of being the best of their year, the students receive a financial award.

Award Winners from Previous Years

Käte Hamburger-Preis (BA thesis)

2017: Nicolai Waldenmaier

2016: Janina Enderle

2015: Julia Koch

2014: Benjamin Krautter

2013: Giovanna-Beatrice Carlesso

Theodor A. Meyer-Preis (Academic Paper)

2017: Miriam Kraus

2016: Carina Köhler und Philipp Heiter

2015: Nora Echelmeyer

2014: Benedikt Reinhard

2013: Miriam Unfried

Friedrich Th. Vischer-Preis (Master’s Thesis)

2017: Gesine Reichert

2016: Sofia Schneeweiss

2015: Katrin Hudey

2014: Fabienne Schopf

2013: Sabrina Hohbach


Award winners 2016. v.l.: Janina Enderle; Philipp Heiter; Prof. Dr. Andrea Albrecht; Sophie Marschall, M.A.; Sofia Schneeweiss; Dr. Marie Wokalek
Award winners 2015. v.l.: Dr. Marcus Willand, Dr. Cornelia Herberichs, Katrin Hudey, Dr. Axel Pichler, Nora Echelmyer, Prof. Dr. Andrea Albrecht, Julia Koch
Award winner 2014. Benjamin Krautter
Award winner 2014. Benedikt Reinhard
Award winner 2014. Fabienne Schopf
Award winners 2013. v.l.: Dr. Claudia Löschner, Prof. Dr. Andrea Albrecht, Miriam Unfried, Giovanna-Beatrice Carlesso, Dr. Marcus Willand
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