Study Guidance

In addition to many other consulting services offered by the University of Stuttgart, you can find a list of the central contact persons for your most important questions here.

Academic advisor/course manager

If you have any questions about the course of studies, Yvonne Zimmermann is the right partner for you. As the course manager and specialist study advisor, she will try to provide you with information via e-mail or during office hours. The core areas include questions on the structure and progress of studies, study prerequisites, study organization, examination planning (deadlines, withdrawal, repetitions, etc.), the requirements of examination regulations and module manuals as well as questions regarding possible career prospects. As she is also a member of the examination board, you can contact Yvonne Zimmermann on questions of transferring credit.

Faculty 9 – Student Guide

If you are worried that your studies are not as good as you (supposedly) think they should be, your study guide, Gitte Lindmaier, is the right person to contact. She is an independent study guide and helps in all situations.

Student Counseling Center

The Zentrale Studienberatung (Student Counseling Center) helps and advises on all questions that do not relate specifically to the discipline but are nevertheless relevant in your studies or career choice. This includes topics such as changing courses or subjects and new orientation, internships and leave of absence, studying in special life situations such as studying with a child or studying with a disability, etc.

Subject Group German Language and Literature Studies

The German Studies group is made up of students of German language and literature studies who would like to become involved in activities beyond their studies. They are happy to pass on their wealth of experience on various university issues, help with difficulties or support new students in compiling their timetable. They are also active in information and welcoming events and beyond that contribute to making everyday study life more colourful through numerous other events. In short: Here, you will find students who want more to do with their fellow students than just sit next to them in the lectures.

The Group is located in Room 2.058 on Floor 2b or Facebook. You can also place your questions here:

Current members: Beatrice Caroli, Sonngard Dieterle, Carmen Jung, Sarah Hiel, Stefanie Hiel, Janine Kleiber (group speaker), Rahmi Köschker, Julia Spengler (secondary group speaker), Merisa Taranis, Ioanna Valavanis – new faces are always welcome!

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