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English Literatures and Cultures

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Welcome to the Department of English Literatures and Cultures at the University of Stuttgart! Here you will find information about our key areas of research and current projects. We also provide an overview of what we teach, the degrees you can do here, and our exchange programs.
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The Department of English Literatures and Cultures covers a wide range of subject areas in teaching and research, from Early Modern drama to BrexLit, from Cognitive Literary Studies to Australian Studies. One of our key concerns is to encourage students to engage in new research approaches at an early stage of their studies, to explore the links between Anglophone literatures and cultures, and to discuss the manifold role of literature in the dissemination, refection, and negotiation of cultural, social, and aesthetic concepts within and across different periods, genres, and media. 

This is reflected in the courses we offer. In our study programmes, students have the opportunity to investigate an array of different themes that focus on traditions and developments of English literatures and cultures. In the course of their studies, they will also acquire professional skills which will prepare them for a broad range of different careers in (higher) education, media-related sectors, publishing, or academia.

We collaborate with a number of universities in the UK, North America, Australia, and South Africa, among other places, to offer students the opportunity to spend one or two semesters in an English-speaking country. 

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This image shows Anne-Sophie Dantoing

Anne-Sophie Dantoing



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Sibylle Baumbach

Prof. Dr.

Head of Department / Department of English Literatures and Cultures

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