Englisch Literatures and Cultures


Current research projects and publications by the English Literatures and Cultures department.

The research areas at the Department of English Literatures and Culture at the University of Stuttgart cover a broad spectrum of topics – from Early Modern to contemporary, digital literature, from Shakespeare studies to postcolonial theories to approaches from the field of cognitive literary studies. In these areas, our department is involved in numerous transdisciplinary collaborations with international partners and we strive to introduce our students to latest research and theories early on in the courses we offer.

  • Cognitive Literary Studies
  • Literature and Empathy
  • Early Modern Studies
  • British drama, esp. Shakespeare
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Australian Studies
  • Literature and Science
  • Modernism
  • Victorian Studies
  • Performance Poetics
  • Contemporary Irish Literature & Culture
  • Brexit and Academia
  • Violence, Literature and Trauma
  • Visual Culture

For further information, please see the individual research interests of our staff members.

Ongoing Research Projects


Ongoing Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Research Projects

  • Nina Engelhardt, Literature and Tolerance
  • Andrea Talmann, Empathic Spaces in Modernist Narratives by Virginia Woolf and Henry James
  • Daniel Schäuffele, Empty Spaces in Modernist Short Fiction: A Cognitive Approach
  • Natalie Veith, Neo Victorian Comic Books and the Politics of Representation

Completed Ph.D. Projects

  • Dorothee Klein, The Poetics and Politics of Relationality in Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Fiction



“Brexit and Academia” - a special issue of the European Journal for English Studies (EJES), co-edited by Sibylle Baumbach and Andreas Maurer




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Alvie Egan Award


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