Romance Literatures I

Here you will find an overview of our research priorities.

Thyssen project: "Magical configuration (Magisches Gestalten)"

The project Magical configuration / Magische(s) Gestalten in der christlichen Welt. Über die Bedeutung von Zauberern, Magiern und Hexen und ihre »Lenkung der Dinge« in der italienischen Literatur der Renaissance  is funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation since the 1st of February 2017. Work within the project is tightly linked to the Stuttgart Research Center for Text Studies (SRCTS) and the International Center for Culture and Technology Studies (IZKT). Two dissertations centered around the epos and theatre of Cinquecento are produced within the project.


IZKT-Project "Theatre/Nations - France and Italy"

Project seminar with concluding exhibition in the Institut français Stuttgart

Project management: Dr. Gesine Hindemith

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IZKT-Project "Theatre Technology - theatre Art"

Court culture, Franco-German drama and European arts

Project management: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Dickhaut and Prof. Dr. Sandra Richter

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