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Richard Powers

Project Manager & Instructional Designer
PSE Blended Learning Courses for Diversity & Inclusion for Teachers in Training
Institut für Literaturwissenschaft, Amerikanische Literatur und Kultur


Keplerstr. 17
70174 Stuttgart
Raum: 4.025


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Master Online Teacher (MOT)

Blended Learning Master 

D2L Teaching & Learning Certificate


Quality Matters Master Reviewer (Programs, Higher Ed, K-12, K-12 Publisher)

Online Learning Consortium Coordinator 

M.A.,  New York University, British & American Literature

B.A., Wake Forest University, English 

Powers, Richard. (Summer Semester 2020). Introduction to Teaching Online. Ed. BWB Seminar Blended Learning

Powers, Richard (Summer Semester 2020). Advanced Verbal Communication in Online Instruction. M.Ed. Seminar Blended Learning

Powers, Richard (Summer Semester 2020). Business English. Blended Learning course with students from Stuttgart University, PH-Ludwigsburg andUniversität Hohenheim

Powers, Richard. (Winter Semester 2019/2020).  Essay Writing & Research: Diversity Topics.Blended Learning Course taught with students from Stuttgart University, Ped Hochshule Ludwigsburg and Universitate Hohenheim with ILIAS.

Powers, Richard (Summer Semester 2018).  Hip-Hop & American Culture.  Blended Learning Course. Stuttgart University, ILIAS.

Powers, Richard (Summer Semester 2018).  Intertextuality: 20thCentury African American Music & LiteratureBlended learning course taught with students from Stuttgart University and the MusikHochschule, ILIAS.

Powers, Richard, and Bundschuh, Jessica. (Winter Semester 2019/2020).  Advanced Verbal Communication . Blended Learning course with Lehramt students delivering lessons across three modalities: onsite at Dillmann Gymnasium, online via ILIAS and live webinars via Zoom teleconferencing.

Powers, Richard. (2019). „E-Racing Horders: Glocalizing Transdisciplinary Studies with Online Blueprints for Future Academics and Managers in Germany, the U.S. and Africa.” University of Amsterdam. Association of Interdisciplinary Studies 31st Annual Conference, Amsterdam.

Online Webinars

Powers, Richard (2020, Jan 9). “Introduction to Teaching Online.” City Colleges of Chicago Faculty Training, Chicago IL.

Powers, Richard (2019, Dec 3). “Preparing for Excellence: Ten Benefits of International Collaboration for Teachers in Training.” Teacher Training Initiative, European Schoolnet Academy, Brussels.

Online Seminar Series

Powers, Richard (2020, Mar 27-Apr 2).  COVID-19 Keep Teaching! Planning & Delivering Remote Instruction During This Hard Time. European Schoolnet Academy, Brussels.

  • Part 1: “COVID-19 Context & Moving Online” (Mar 27).
  • Part 2: “Designing Lessons for Remote Instruction” (Mar 30).
  • Part 3: “Open Resource Tools:  What You Can Do Now” (Apr 1).
  • Part 4: “Global Support, Engagement, Motivation & Presence for Remote Instruction” (Apr 2).
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