Sensing Literature-Talents

Encountering the tangible and shared experience of literature

Mission statement

The 'Sensing Literature-Talents' faculty project is based in the English Literatures and Cultures Department. Our ongoing goal is to foster a dynamic engagement through politically and geographically-focused literary texts from Northern Ireland and Ireland. During the one-year project  extending from winter semester 2022-23 to the summer semester 2023  we are exploring the sensory perception of touch through a series of creative, hands-on, ecological workshops and interactions to establish connections across border politics, social isolation, and the climate crisis. 
Our target audience is composed of both University of Stuttgart Anglistik students enrolled in a Summer Semester 2023 Hauptseminar on Tactile Irish Literature (as mentors) and year 10 pupils at the bilingual Gynmasium in Stuttgart-West, Königin-Olga-Gymnasium (as mentees).
Enrolling in the Summer Semester 2023 HS: The Tactility of Irish Literature, will enrich you in the following ways:
  • participation in a two-day workshop on tactile encounters and mutuality
  • experience the power of literary texts that heighten the senses
  • collaboration with Belfast poet Padraig Regan and the co-founders of the Belfast-based poetry press, The Lifeboat Press, Manuela Moser and Stephen Connolly
  • discover experimental and on-site methods for engaging with literary texts
  • deepen interpersonal skills through the mentoring program
  • gain ECTS credits.
Those students who participated in the first part of the project during the Winter Semester of 2022-23 in Advanced Verbal Communication enriched their pedagogical skills by: 
  • participating in a two-day workshop on sculptural poetry with Astra Papachristodoulou
  • experiencing in-class teaching at a bilingual Gymnasium
  • developing creative expression in a classroom context
  • discovering new ways of teaching literature
  • deepening interpersonal skills through the mentoring program
  • gaining ECTS credits.

Educational aspect/ skills they will learn:

  • Engaging with literature/ poetry in a new way
  • Certificate of participation
  • Expressing themselves creatively
  • Getting an idea of university- and student life
  • Getting into contact with university students through the mentoring program


11-12. November 2022 Sculptural Poetry Workshop (with 
Astra Papachristodoulou)
07-08. July 2023 Workshop: Archiving a Literary Text in the World
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