Virtual Lecture Series: UN AGENDA 2030 - Mette Lynnerup Hollensen: Makerspaces – a close-to-practice talk about why the humanities need them

15. Dezember 2021, 14:45 Uhr

Zeit: 15. Dezember 2021, 14:45 – 16:30 Uhr
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Virtual Lecture Series: UN AGENDA 2030 - Socio-Emotional Learning and Digital Designs for Global Citizenship Education

(PSE KOALA Project)

Contact: Dr. Saskia Schabio (

This series of lectures reaches out to researchers, teachers, and future teachers dedicated to designing evidence-based, supportive, creative, and cooperative digital environments for cultivating global citizenship. Our aim is to implement the UN AGENDA 2030 into the intercultural communicative classroom. This lecture marks the kick-off event of a research and teaching project on Global Citizenship Education and Sustainable Futures to be piloted in Summer 2022 (Dr. Saskia Schabio CFP). 

Please join us on Wednesday, December 15, 2.45-4.30 p.m. (CET)

Mette Lynnerup Hollensen (Danish Teachers Resource Centre VIA CFU) will offer hands-on examples showcasing the potential of enhancing creativity and global learning in makerspaces.


Sannah König/Dr. Saskia Schabio: Introduction – Imagining, Creating, Making – Global Citizenship Education

Mette Lynnerup Hollensen: Makerspaces – a close-to-practice talk about why the humanities need them

Working with literature we encourage students to think creatively and critically, to reason and to ask questions. Working with literature in a makerspace context will allow students to do just that. In a makerspace we challenge and expand what literature studies can provide, like offering students different tools and approaches towards understanding core elements of literature analysis and interpretation.

About the speaker:

Mette Lynnerup Hollensen is an expert in makerspace education from the Danish Teachers Resource Centre VIA CFU. VIA University College is one of 6 university colleges in Denmark and geographically covers the Central Denmark Region. VIA CFU – The Teachers Resource Centre is a part of the University College. We support schools, teachers and leaders on maker technologies, digital literacy, digitalization and much more. This includes courses with hands on focus, connecting didactic, pedagogy and testing tools and guidance on do’s and don’ts. This autumn VIA CFU had the honor of presenting their work and counselling the German KMK.

This series of talks on Global Citizenship Education is funded by the Pedagogical School of Education (PSE), Stuttgart, KOALA Project. The English Team is grateful for the generous support of the PSE.

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